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Heart & Soul

Ever since I picked up a camera, I wanted to create photos with feeling. I could shoot “pretty” or “perfect” images photoshopped to infinity, but I believe true beauty is found in the rawest and sometimes darkest parts of our humanity. I want to capture something real.

Boudoir is a celebration of the realest parts of ourselves. It’s brave, bold, visceral, and emotive. It highlights the strength in our vulnerabilities. It’s a self-written love-letter – a lesson in accepting the skin you’re in.

Now, I’m not saying accepting yourself is easy, at all. Some days it can be really fucking hard. I’m still not there myself. I’m not a body-positivity expert, but I know for a fact that we can be the cruelest critics of ourselves.


So that’s why I take boudoir photos. To show you your true beauty. To show you what you’ve been missing when you were too busy focusing on loathing the thighs that touch, the belly that wobbles, or the curves you didn’t wish for. 

Your body is beautiful. Just as it is. With all its lumps and dimples, scars and bruises. It’s the vessel that holds your heart and soul in place. It pumps blood through your veins and takes oxygen into your lungs. It allows you to laugh and cry, feel and wonder, love and dream. 


Let’s talk £££

Please email for a price PDF.

A £100 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your date and confirm booking. If we’re shooting on location, this deposit will be slightly more to cover the location cost. The remainder is due within 14 days of the shoot and no photos will be delivered before this.

Will my photos be on the internet?

Not unless you’re happy for them to be! My contract includes an extensive section about usage where you can decide exactly what you do/don’t want shared. It is 100% up to you and nothing will be posted without your consent. (It’s also worth noting that some professions, such as teaching, mean that you can’t share these images on the internet.)

tell me more about my session!

I’ve got a wonderful PDF which should answer any questions you have and give you a bit more of a sense of how the session runs. Contact me if you’re ready to learn more!




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Your Boudoir Photographer

Hi, I'm Jenny!

I started taking photos because of my love for life. I photographed everything and anything because I didn’t want to let go of moments. I wanted to immortalize memories and feelings, and share those emotions with others. For the last several years, I’ve worked as a touring music photographer, capturing moments on and off stage with bands. I started photographing boudoir when I realized just how powerful photography could be in reshaping the stories people tell themselves about their bodies. I create images of people in moments where they own their bodies, embrace their sexualities, and acknowledge the fire deep in their bellies. And through their boudoir photos, they can relive that power over and over again.